Prayer & Praise

Prayer Requests:

*For continued provision for the Blessing family, their ministry, and the construction of Bethel

*For physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental strength as the Blessing family ministers in L’viv

*For wisdom in the decisions Mark & Rhonda make in the building of Bethel

*For wisdom on the leadership of Living Word Church, as they seek to lead the church according to God’s heart

*For Living Word Church to be a light in L’viv, especially as they physically move into a little-reached region of the city

*For God’s blessings on Ukraine and many Ukrainians, that they might find salvation through faith in Jesus


*For a blessed year in 2012 with much progress made on Bethel House

*For the blessing of 52 guests coming through Bethel House in 2012

*For a blessed year at Living Word Church in 2012, with new ministries started, new staff hired, and the process begun of moving out of the old meeting place

*For the provision of a new meeting place for Living Word Church to rent, in a region of town where no Protestant church has yet been established

*For the establishment of a relationship with World Race, enabling us to receive teams of young people who partner with us in ministry for a month at a time

*For the answered prayer of Bethel House being a place of shalom (peace), as testified to by many of our visitors

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