Posted by: BlessingMinistry | March 26, 2013

3-26-13 Bethel House Update

Since our last update, some exciting work has happened around Bethel House.  The long-awaited day came when the kitchen cabinets were all finally installed, all the appliances were hooked up, and we were able to fully move into this new, spacious kitchen.  After 9 years in a kitchen that was approximately 8×5 ft. (so small, the refrigerator and half the cabinets were in the hallway outside the kitchen, and the dishes were almost all kept in cabinets in the living room), we are already overflowing with gratitude and happiness, working in this new space. We can already envision how well the kitchen will serve Bethel House in its ministry.

 IMG_0353  IMG_0351
 IMG_0432  IMG_0429

The porch also got covered.  God had a little surprise in store for us with that.  For years, we have had a pile of bricks in our yard that came from a 100+ year old, Polish building that was torn down in Lviv.  One of our workers had the possibility of getting these bricks and asked if we wanted them.  Thinking it would be neat to incorporate them somewhere in the house, we agreed, and they have been in the yard since, waiting for us to decide where to use them.  The decision was made to use them for the porch pillars and the man who built the pillars did it in such a way that he flipped random bricks, so you could see the face of the brick.  After a few days, Rhonda noticed that the faces of these bricks had letters stamped in them, and of all the letter combinations possible, the bricks had “BH” stamped in them!  We can only imagine God’s delight as we finally discovered this secret gift He’d had in store while those bricks sat in our yard all those years, waiting to take their place in Bethel House!




And finally, 3 bathrooms on the 3rd floor have been fully tiled.

2013-01-28 13.43.13

We are excited to see progress continuing to happen on Bethel House, and continue to ask for your prayers & support.  The next big jobs we would like to see completed are all the initial construction being done on the inside of the old structure (which is currently an empty shell) & the staircase built from the 2nd to 3rd floor in the new structure; we are currently waiting on the funds to begin those projects.


  1. It is really cool to see the progress that is being made on the house. It is hard to imagine that this is the same house that we helped with 3 years ago when CCBCi came over on their mission trip. The place looks great. Praise The Lord!

    • Phil, it does look different. Anytime you’re in Lviv and would like to see it, just let us know! Blessings from the Blessings.

  2. Brother it’s so good to see how GOD has blessed you !! Praise be to GOD!!
    The Lord brought you to my mind with great emotion and admiration for your steadfast faith and obedience. I have such fond memories and thoughts for all of you. I hope I will see you again one day . We love you all and may GOD continue to bless.
    Love James & Lisa

    • James, we send the greatest wishes for a blessed and prosperous 2014 to you and your family. With love, the Blessings

  3. You r such beautiful &brave

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