Posted by: BlessingMinistry | January 10, 2013

1-10-13 Bethel House Update

With much rejoicing and gratitude, the old yellow roof on the original, 50+ year old structure was replaced before winter hit.  It was bittersweet, as the yellow roof had become somewhat of a trademark of Bethel House.  The bright yellow roof over the white walls inspired our family to dub the house “Sunnyside Estates” when we first saw it back in 1996.  The yellow roof became its identifying mark for us and many of our friends & visitors over the years.  God’s hand was evident even in the timing of a roof’s removal, though.  Despite our plans, the roof did not come off until the end of the year.  As we prepared to head into 2013, the year we believe Bethel House will be completed, it was very symbolic that the roof that has defined this house for so many years would come off, preparing the way for new things, preparing for the year when the 16-year vision of Bethel House would become reality.

Here are some pictures of the new roof going on:

 11-15-12  12-1-12 000
 12-1-12 002  12-2-12

As you can see, there was even time for some of the painting to get done; finishing that job will have to wait till spring now.

After months and months of delays with kitchen cabinets, we are finally seeing that project get done!  The skeleton of the upper cabinets was recently installed, as seen in the pictures below.

 IMG_0189  IMG_0193

With the holiday season (there is a long string of religious holidays throughout January in Ukraine), work has slowed down now, which is actually okay since we all feel the need for some rest. We are very excited though with the start of a new year, believing Bethel House will be completed in 2013!  There is much to do for that to happen, though, and we are so grateful for your continued prayers and financial support.


  1. Yeah! Congratulations, guys. I know that each one of these milestones is a reason to praise. I sure like your image of the old coming off and putting the new on with the beginning of the year. Kind of reminds us of Ephesians 4:22-24 and Colossians 3:8-15!

    In Christ,
    john morrison

    • Thanks, John! We appreciate your encouraging words so much. Yes, we rejoice in each of these milestones. The Lord is faithful and good – all the time!

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