Posted by: BlessingMinistry | November 2, 2012

Bethel House Update – Aug./Sep.

In August, we were blessed to again host World Racers here – 2 teams this time, a total of 13 people.  Although, for the last week, that number grew to 21, as one more team came, along with their squad leader.  Bethel was busting at the seams!

In addition to ministry that included planning and organizing a children’s VBS, helping at the weekly English club, sharing testimonies in church, doing street evangelism, running a softball camp in the village, helping in the garden, etc., these teams also got a lot of work done at Bethel.

On the 3rd floor, they painted walls & ceilings, and laid laminate flooring.

Laying laminate

A completed floor! (The teams also painted the walls in this room.)

A look into the other rooms and areas the teams painted. Also, another floor they laid (bottom left). The white ceilings are also the result of their hard work, painting.

One young woman was an artist with a good understanding of using interior decorating for muting noise in rooms.  This is a problem we’ve had in the game room, and she worked to come up with a plan for wall art, and executed it beautifully, with help from the others.

After the World Race teams left, we had an architect come out to check the foundation under the older part of this house, which has been standing for 50 years.  Before starting the extensive renovations (new, slightly raised second floor walls, and a new roof) on that part of the house, it was necessary to make sure the foundation would hold the new work that will be done.  Praise God, the report came back that the foundation did not need to be redone, but it did need to be reinforced.  That work was done in mid-September.

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