Posted by: BlessingMinistry | June 27, 2012

Ross & Christine Anderson

For one very short weekend in May, Blessing Ministry had the joy of hosting Ross & Christine Anderson.  The Blessing family & the Andersons went to the same church in Houston, Tex. (First Baptist of Houston) 19 years ago.  We enjoyed hosting them at Bethel House & were so blessed that they made time to come to L’viv during Christine’s jam-packed European tour.  She is a solo handbell artist and does concerts and workshops throughout the United States & the world.  Blessing Ministry & Living Word Church were able to give her many opportunities to share her gift throughout the L’viv region, as she played at the school in the village where Bethel House is being built, at Living Word Church during the Sunday service, and at a concert held in a children’s theater in L’viv.  She has an amazing gift and everyone who heard her play was truly blessed.

Christine explaining to the children at the village school how she plays the bells

The captive audience at the village school

Christine receiving flowers & chocolates from the principal, on behalf of his school

Christine playing at Living Word Church

Christine giving a concert in L’viv

Christine allowing people a closer look after the concert

Christine’s husband, Ross, is a professor of biochemistry at The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, California.  While in L’viv, he preached at Living Word Church and also gave a short seminar on evolution to a group of mostly university students.  His information was very eye-opening, unraveling the web evolutionists have spun, and sharing many quotes from evolutionists themselves, stating that there is no factual basis for evolution, and they simply adopt the theory and propagate it, because the alternative (a Creator) is too ridiculous.  The subject is a very broad one and many at the seminar commented that they would enjoy seeing Dr. Anderson return in the future to give a more extensive presentation.

Dr. Anderson presenting the truth about evolution


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