Posted by: BlessingMinistry | May 15, 2012

Youth Retreat

From April 6-7, the youth/young adults of Living Word Church gathered at Bethel House for an overnight retreat.  We were blessed to be hosting a World Race team in April.  World Race is a program of Adventures in Missions, and takes mission teams to 11 countries in 11 months.  For the World Racers who were here, Ukraine was month 9 of their 11-month journey.  They organized an amazing retreat for our young people.  There were beautiful times of fellowship; joyful times of games & laughter; challenging times of teaching on abundant life, loving God, and loving others; encouraging times of prayer & prophecy; refreshing times of worship; and small amounts of sleep! 🙂  It was an incredibly blessed time for the young people of Living Word Church to be called forth to walk in abundant life for the glory of their King!

Playing Get-to-Know-You Bingo

Playing Fruit Basket

Worshipping God

Hearing a teaching

Group Discussion

Praying together

Group picture

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