Posted by: BlessingMinistry | May 15, 2012

Easter Service

After a reflective Good Friday service, Living Word Church gathered together on April 15 (Ukraine observes religious holidays in accordance with the Orthodox calendar) to celebrate the glorious resurrection of our Savior.

In April, we were blessed to be hosting a World Race team.  World Race is a program of Adventures in Missions, and takes mission teams to 11 countries in 11 months.  For the World Racers who were here, Ukraine was month 9 of their 11-month journey.  At our Easter service, they shared a powerful skit about the freedom Christ brings us.

The World Racers using a skit to show Jesus, our Savior, who steps in to rescue when we reach out to Him.

We also shared in the joy of our long-time, dear friends dedicating their baby to the Lord and themselves to raising him in His ways.  Vitya & Ira were part of the Blessings’ first church plant for many years, and have remained connected to Living Word Church, though they have lived in Kyiv, the capital, for many years.  They welcomed their first son into their family in January and drove the many hours to L’viv to dedicate him to the Lord before their brothers & sisters at Living Word.  It was truly a great blessing and honor for us to share in this joy with our beloved friends.

Dedicating Timothy to the Lord

As we celebrated the completion of our Savior’s redemptive work – His death that bought our salvation, and His resurrection that brought us freedom, our joy was made complete as we witnessed the rebirth of Mykola, a homeless man who has been receiving food & love through BLESS, our food & clothing distribution ministry.  After hearing what Jesus had done for him, he made a public profession of faith, receiving the salvation Jesus purchased for him.  Hallelujah!  Pray that he will also step into the full freedom Christ offers him.

Pastor Mark & Mykola

What a beautiful Savior we serve, and what a blessing that, through the salvation He brings to individuals, we are brought together as a family!  It was a joy & blessing for so many brothers & sisters in Christ to come together at Living Word Church and celebrate His love & power this Easter.

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