Posted by: BlessingMinistry | May 15, 2012

Christ in the Passover

On April 8, the second day of Passover, Living Word Church had a Christ in the Passover service.   We were blessed to have Hilary Lind come lead our service, and have his entire family join us, as well.  We enjoyed a sweet time of worship and Hilary then did an overview of a traditional Passover seder, highlighting many of the moments that show who Jesus is – the Messiah, the final sacrifice, the Passover Lamb!  He also pointed out some of the Scriptures that show the last supper Jesus shared with His disciples was, in fact, a Passover seder.  One particular moment of significance in a Passover seder comes when 3 matzot (unleavened bread, which are striped, pierced, and baked to where they are covered with dark spots that look like bruising) are put in a 3-sectioned pouch – 1 in each section.  At one point in the seder, the middle piece of matzoh is removed and broken in half.  One half is placed in its own special bag and hidden away for a while.  Later in the seder, the children search for this piece of matzoh and bring it out when they find it.  The head of the family then redeems it from the child for a price, and then passes it around the table for all to share in eating it.  Among non-believing Jews, there are many explanations for this tradition, but it is generally accepted that it cannot be fully explained.  As believers, it is clear to see the beautiful picture of our triune God, the Son separating Himself from the trinity to be broken for us – His body striped, pierced, and bruised.  His body was hidden away, only to come forth 3 days later!  Through all of this, we are redeemed at a great price and share in the portion He offers us – Himself!!!  What a beautiful Savior!  What a beautiful time to remember all He has done for us and from where He has brought us, – all through a feast that God Himself instituted thousands of years ago, the traditions of which the Jewish people have carefully and faithfully preserved through so many generations.

Some of the elements of a traditional Passover seder

Rhonda lighting the festival candles and praying a blessing over our celebration

Hilary explaining about the 3 matzot in the 3-sectioned pouch

Hilary demonstrating how the Passover was to be eaten reclining, a posture only free people could take while eating.

About 60 people were there for our Christ in the Passover celebration service

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