Posted by: BlessingMinistry | May 10, 2012

5-10 Bethel Update

Throughout the month of April, we were blessed to host a World Race team.  World Race is a program of Adventures in Missions, and takes mission teams to 11 countries in 11 months.  For the World Racers who were here, Ukraine was month 9 of their 11-month journey.  They helped us in so many areas of ministry, including Bethel.

In preparation of their coming, we were able to get all the walls completed on the 3rd floor.

3rd floor wall frames going up

3rd floor insulation and drywall going up

Once the World Race team got here, they were able to start in on priming & painting the 3rd floor walls and worked on that as much as possible, while also helping with projects with the church and village.

Cleaning plaster dust off the walls in preparation for primer & paint

Priming the 3rd floor

Priming the 3rd floor

Painting the 3rd floor

Before the team came, we ordered the first beds for Bethel!  However, the beds didn’t arrive until after the team did, so one of their first jobs was putting together 2 bunk beds and a twin bed so they could sleep in them!

In addition to painting the 3rd floor, the World Racers also helped with putting up shelves in the garage and doing the last jobs in the living room.

Bill building the window seat

World Racers putting the window seat together after painting it

Painting the fireplace and the window seat pieces

Painting the fireplace

It was such a blessing having the team here and we are thankful for all the work they did.

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