Posted by: BlessingMinistry | December 28, 2011

End of 2011 Bethel Update

Slowly, but surely – that has been the anthem of Bethel’s progression over the last 5 years.  This house will be completed in the Lord’s time – that has been our anthem when construction proceeds slower than we would like.  We feel an urgency in our spirits, which sometimes seems to indicate that the Lord will complete this house soon; we pray that will be so, and with excitement, look forward to seeing the miracles the Lord might work to bring that about.

Here is a recap of some of the work that was done on Bethel in 2011:

The basement was completed! Tiles were laid…

…shelves were put in…

…walls were done, lights were installed, water tanks hooked up, and a freezer was bought (which is now full of corn, pumpkin, and zucchini from the garden).

The dining room was completed – with paint, lights, and floor all done.

The living room was painted…

…lights were installed, and floor was laid.

The kitchen walls were put up…

…the walls were painted…

…flooring was laid, and lights were installed.

The laundry room was built, painted, the floor was laid, and the 22-lb. washer and dryer were installed.

The front entry was painted, floor was laid, and lights were installed.

20 doors were installed throughout the house.

Flooring throughout the entire 2nd floor was laid.

The linen closet was painted, floors were laid, and shelving was put up.

2 half baths were painted, and floors were laid…

…1 of which was furnished and is fully operational; the other will be furnished later.

4 full baths were painted, floors were laid, and lights were installed…

…2 of which were furnished and are fully operational.

The second floor hallway was painted, dividing doorway built…

…and door and lights installed.

The game room was painted,…

…the ceiling beams sanded and stained,…

…lights installed, floors laid, and a dartboard, ping-pong table, and foosball table put in.

6 bedrooms on the 2nd floor were completed, with walls painted, floors laid, and lighting installed.

2 bedrooms had open closets put in…

…and the master closet was also completed by Dima, a deacon from church who is a furniture maker by trade.

What a full & exciting year 2011 has been in the progress of Bethel.  While we had hoped to be all moved over to the new part of Bethel by the end of 2011, we are excited that the process has begun!  Bria & Krista have already moved over and now occupy 2 of the bedrooms in the new part of Bethel.  Basically, the 2nd floor of the new building is completed!  There are 2 guest bathrooms that we will furnish later and some final, small areas of painting that cannot be done until work on the staircase is done, but enough is completed that Bria & Krista are temporarily living in this new space.

There are still some projects on the first floor remaining – mainly, the building of the fireplace (approximate cost $2500) and bay window seat (approximate cost $600) in the living room, and the installation of the stair railings.  We have ordered the stair railings and they should be delivered in January.  There are also some big projects to be done – cabinets and everything else for the kitchen, replace the roof on the old structure, renovate the old structure, furnish bathrooms, and build out the 3rd floor.

We have run out of funds, but we are so thankful for how much work got done in 2011. Our hopes and dreams for 2012 are great.  We have no doubt that this next year will be faith-building, challenging, exhilarating and joyful as we watch the Lord’s hand at work in completing Bethel.  Your continued prayers, financial support and partnership with us are so greatly appreciated. We wish you all a Happy and Blessed 2012!  We serve a good and mighty God and to Him be all the glory!

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