Posted by: BlessingMinistry | May 13, 2011

5-13-11 Bethel Update

Wow – where have the past 2 months gone?!  Time has been flying with many beautiful moments and many difficult moments, not all of which have involved Bethel House, but through all of which we have found ourselves in the Lord’s faithful hand.

In relation to Bethel, our year-long surge of work finally came to an end last month, as the bank account dwindled.  A few small jobs were able to be continued, but all major projects came to a halt.  After making our needs known in the April newsletter, we have been blessed to see the Lord’s faithfulness through your gracious generosity and are excited that we do now have the funds for the next big project – tiling the kitchen and dining room floors.  We have been looking at different tile options for a while now and are still in the process of making that final decision.

We do have a few pictures to share of some of the progress that was made before the finances started running low.

Installing doors

3 of the 17 doors that have been installed

Laying more flooring

James & Bill, from church, installing shelves in the linen closet

The completed game room

A tiled half bath in the guest quarters

A tiled bathroom in the guest quarters

A tiled bathroom in the guest quarters

We are so thankful for how you continue to be the avenue through which the Lord shows His faithfulness in our lives and ministry, through your prayers and financial support.  We continue to move forward with great anticipation of seeing the day come when Bethel House will be fully operational!

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