Posted by: BlessingMinistry | March 14, 2011

3-8-11 Bethel Update

*Note: Our apologies for the delay in posting this; it was written on March 8.

How exciting it is to watch so much work happening around Bethel.

More walls have gone up in the kitchen, closing off the stairs and separating the kitchen, laundry room, half bath, and laundry chute:

The walls going up to close in the stairs and separate the kitchen and laundry room

The laundry chute on the far left, the doorway into a small bathroom in the middle, and looking through the doorway into the kitchen on the right

The laundry room

The master bathroom was tiled:

The floor was raised and walls were put up for guest bathrooms – 2 full bathrooms and 1 half bathroom:

Raising the floor

Laying the subflooring

Framing the walls

Insulating the outside wall in the half bathroom

The game room walls and ceiling have been completed:

After James sanded the ceiling beams, they were stained by James & Vika (both from church)

Bria & Lindsay painting in the game room (Vika is starting to stain base boards for the bedrooms)

The “chute” for the laundry chute was created:

Getting through – one layer at a time

Floors have been laid in 3 bedrooms now:

Bill & James, both from church

They’ve been working hard laying the floors

Here are a few other things that have been done:

Crown molding has been put up in 5 bedrooms

Happily admiring the basement, which has now been walled off. The work crew from the village has informed us that it is an excellent basement and will be good for storing lots of vegetables! 🙂

The wall has gone up, creating the doorway that will separate the Blessing family quarters from the guest quarters

It has been busy, dirty, exciting and exhausting around here recently.  We greatly value your continued support.  Please continue praying for strength, as each day is full and, often, somewhat chaotic, and for continued financial provision, that the work will not be delayed due to lack of funds.  Thank you, and may the Lord’s blessings overflow in your lives.


  1. Hi Blessings,
    What a fantastic-looking place Bethel House is shaping up to be! It’s a real Blessing to know the whole Blessing family is instrumental in making this happen. We would LOVE to be over there to visit with you guys and see the wonder of Bethel House! Oh well, maybe God will allow us to make the trip one of these days. We think and speak about you all frequently and we know that God brought us together in L’viv and we believe He will reunite us there at some point along the way.
    In the meantime, we are staying busy with teaqching and mentoring(Valinda) and going to Mens’ groups,attending and leading Bible Studies and mentoring a couple of guys and working 3 days a week in East Austin serving the folks there(Terry). Plus, I(Terry) am slowly but surely recovering and now that it’s been almost a year-and-a-half since my surgery, I am looking forward to an almost complete recovery. I’ll be having another MRI on the 18th to see if all is well in my head–so be in prayer for that if you will. We love all of you and tell Lindsay she did a great job on the blog. We’ll keep up with newsletters and blog.

    Terry(and Valinda)

    • Terry and Valinda, Thank you so much for your sweet note. We are so excited by all that God is doing, and has in store, here at Bethel House, and would LOVE, as well, to see you here. We love you guys and think of you often. It’s great to hear all that God is doing in and through you. PRAISE be to Him for your complete recovery, Terry; we pray the MRI was another good report. Love you dearly!

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