Posted by: BlessingMinistry | December 28, 2010

12-22-10 Bethel Update

As you all know from first-hand experience, the holidays can be a somewhat hectic time.  Construction has been continuing on Bethel, as things are able to get done around the holiday schedule!  Plastering and painting have been continuing; tiling on the first bathroom has been started, but not completed.  Throughout the holidays, though, we are having many exciting opportunities to use the space Bethel affords us, even if that space isn’t fully completed!  For Thanksgiving, we had 5 Americans, 1 Ukrainian, and 3 Nigerians join our family and had a blessed day together.  On Dec. 17, we had the youth of Living Word church, and some of their friends, over for a Christmas party/sleepover.  All the youth thoroughly enjoyed the time.

The youth enjoying dinner in the dining room

The youth LOVED the game room, for which we already purchased a ping-pong table and dart board. However, we realized the game room should wait to be used again until sub-flooring is laid down. The youth would have stayed out there for hours, but too much dust was being kicked up from the concrete floor and choking everyone!

Reading and discussing the birth of Christ at the youth Christmas party

The next Bethel event will be an all-church New Year’s party.  In spite of the busy season, we are trying to get some of the rooms more completed in time for the big party.

It is so exciting to already see Bethel being a blessing to people, and we know these times are just a small foretaste of the things to come.  As we see people filling these rooms, and as we continue to move forward with the construction, we are filled with gratitude for every person that God has placed on this journey with us.  All the prayers offered and generous donations given fill our hearts to overflowing as we see this vision becoming a reality.

We pray God’s abundant blessings on each of you during this season of focusing on our Savior’s birth.  He came in humility and simplicity as a gift to us from the Father.  The Christmas season is a beautiful time filled with joyous lights, sounds and smells to accompany the hustle and bustle.  We pray that it will also be a beautiful time for you to quiet your heart and reflect on the beauty of our Savior; may His presence dwell with you richly.  We look forward to seeing you again here, when we return with new updates in 2011!


  1. Hi Blessings,
    Every time we get an update on Bethel House, it’s more exciting than the last one! You guys are truly blessed to have folks working on it the way they have. We would surely love to see y’all and the House–especially all of you!
    Often, we think about the great times we had when y’all were in the Center and we walked all around there, eating at neat places and just seeing all the people in the park, sitting around talking or playing cards etc.
    Maybe one of these days, God will see fit to send us back over there to visit with y’all and see the changes that past years have brought. We love all of you very much and each one of you has impacted our lives forever.
    Well, I guess I better sign off for now and see what I can get done around our house. We’ll keep praying for you all and you pray for us. We look forward to getting updates from you.


    • Terry, thank you so much for the nice note. We love our memories with you guys also, and pray we can make some more someday; it would be truly wonderful if the Lord brought y’all back here sometime. In the meantime, we love you, miss you, and pray for you.

  2. It’s exciting to see your dreams grow and develop! I love what you all are doing!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Beka! We love you guys and are excited to see your family growing in grace, beauty, and number! 🙂

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