Posted by: BlessingMinistry | November 19, 2010

11-19-10 Construction Update

Construction has been continuing steadily in Bethel over the last couple of weeks.  Drywalling, plastering, and painting have all been getting done throughout the second floor.

Plastering the hallway ceiling

Painting the master bedroom with primer

Insulating & drywalling the ceiling of the game/youth room

The stuccoing has been completed on the outside; at least, as much as can be done right now.  The original structure still has to be done, but that will have to wait until the roof is replaced.

Finishing up the stuccoing

Taking down the scaffolding

The last section of stucco that was completed

We are getting close to completing a small bathroom on the second floor.  The plastering is almost done, the ceiling will hopefully be painted first thing next week, and tiles have been bought and will hopefully be installed late next week.  The tiles were bought at a large tile store that has a good variety, but things did not quite go as planned.  After choosing the tiles we wanted, we informed an employee and he went to check on their availability.  He came back, saying that those tiles had been discontinued.  We selected another one, the employee left, and came back to tell us they were out of those tiles at the moment.  We went through this 5 times!  Finally, we picked our last choice, saying if that one was unavailable, we were leaving and would have to try a different store on another day.  Thankfully, though, these were available and the order was successfully placed, after only 2 hours spent in the store! 🙂

Plastering the bathroom

A little fun in the midst of a frustrating day at the tile store

The frustrations are great and the delays – many, as Bethel is being built.  Through it all, though, we are amazed and encouraged by the faithful hand of God and the amazing grace He has shown in placing us as stewards of this ministry project.  We greatly value your prayers and support, and are constantly encouraged by the beauty of the body of Christ and all the people that have come alongside us in this ministry.   May the Lord abundantly bless you!

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