Posted by: BlessingMinistry | October 18, 2010

10-18-10 Construction Update

Despite the long silence, construction on Bethel has been steadily continuing, albeit much slower than we would like it to be.  Of all the things to slow us down, it has been windowsills!  It’s amazing how the smallest details can create some of the biggest hassles.  For a month now, we have been at the stage of needing to put windowsills in the rooms we are trying to complete, so we can move into them.  After weighing the options, we finally settled on the sills we wanted and ordered them, only to find out a week later that the shop owner had been unable to find a single distributor in Ukraine with the sills we had chosen.  So, we were back to square one, weighing the options and finally settling on our next choice.  We asked for delivery to be rushed and it was; the windowsills came quickly, only they weren’t what we had ordered!  So, we now have to return them and hopefully, the third time will be a charm and we will get the windowsills we want and they will be installed quickly.

In the meantime, the work crew has continued stuccoing the outside of the house.

Stuccoing the back of the house

In order to stucco the back of the house, part of the fence had to be removed to get the scaffolding in.  So, as soon as it was finished, the fence had to be replaced.  The neighbors on the other side of the fence have not been very fond of us since we have been constructing Bethel, as we are now blocking their view of the main street and the village happenings (although they never had a view due to some very tall trees that used to be on our property).  As somewhat of a peace offering, we offered to replace the fence we share with the fence of their choosing.  The workers have begun preparations for putting that fence up and the rest of the materials should be delivered this week for it to be completed.

The beginning stages of fence installing

There have also been deliveries galore, as many needed materials have come.

Unloading a delivery of sub-flooring

Unloading a delivery of drywall

Some of the delivered materials in the kitchen/utility room – drywall, laminate, and insulation

Our friend from church has finished the renovations on his apartment and came back out last week, with a couple of young men, to help with construction on the inside.

One of the young men hanging drywall

In the basement, the water reservoir and pump have been put up and are ready to be hooked up when the time comes, so that there will be ample water for Bethel’s many guests in the future.

The water reservoir and pump in the basement

We look forward to some rapid progress happening in the next few weeks; however, the speed of progress partly depends on some extenuating circumstances with our visa situation (read more about that on the prayer & praise page).  The weather has gotten very cold here and part of the plan this week is to finish installing the heating and get it turned on.  We covet your prayers and are so grateful for your support in every way.  May the Lord’s blessings be abundantly poured out on you!


  1. It is truly exciting and so thankful to the Lord for the progress we get to see (thanks for the pictures) and read about. We pray daily and often. Much Love, Mom

    • Thanks, Mom/Nana! We’re thankful we can keep everyone more up-to-date through the site. Love you and are so thankful for your constant prayers and support through the years!

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