Posted by: BlessingMinistry | September 10, 2010

9-10-10 Construction Update

The last few weeks have been busy and full, although not just with construction.  Krista took a week-long trip to Germany and Mark & Rhonda took a much needed 4-day break in the mountains.  As we grow closer to completing construction on a few rooms and needing to start aesthetically putting them together, the time for decorating decisions has come.  Therefore, our days are sometimes spent going around the city, trying to find the best materials for the best price.  Flooring, ceramic tiles, and so many other things sometimes seem to start blurring together.  Please pray for us, as we daily face the juggling act of wanting this home to be beautiful, while also wanting to be good stewards of the finances the Lord has entrusted us with.  It is sometimes tempting to settle for the cheapest product, but experience has taught us that doing so often means spending more money in the future, as those products are not usually made to last.

Construction has been continuing on Bethel, although some bad weather and other circumstances have slowed it down a bit.  The professional work crew has been working on stuccoing the outside walls and putting the eaves up under the roof.

Preparing the wall for stucco

After a failed first attempt, the work crew realized the stucco wouldn’t stick to the cement blocks the walls are built with; they learned, though, that if they first nailed this wire mesh to the cement blocks, the stucco would adhere to it

The stucco project, as of Sep. 9; this is the first stage of stuccoing, after which a coat of paint will complete it

The first section of eaves completed

We are grateful for the time we had been able to use a work crew made up of friends, under the leadership of a capable man from our church.  He had his crew working inside on putting up drywall in the rooms.  However, with home duties calling him away for the last few weeks, the inside work has slowed down considerably.  For the last week, we have been blessed to have one of the church deacons coming out to plaster the drywall that had been put up.  He has been in need of work right now, so it has also been a blessing for him.  In between their other ministries and daily lives, Bria, Lindsay & Krista have also been out working.  Their project has been to put in the boards for the wood ceilings on the third floor.  Mark oversees all the work and gets his hands dirty in almost every project, as time allows him with pastoring the church, and discussing, number-crunching, and decision-making with Rhonda regarding the constant decisions that must be made and materials that must be purchased as construction progresses.

Victor, a church deacon, doing the plaster work on the walls

Lindsay installing ceiling boards on the third floor

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