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Ministry History

Mark & Rhonda’s calling to go to a foreign land began in 1992 when the Holy Spirit put a burden and love in their hearts for Soviet Jews and Gentiles.  At that time, Mark was a computer technician and Rhonda was a homemaker, homeschooling two of their daughters.  They felt very unqualified, but through promptings by the Holy Spirit, Scriptures, and church leaders, the Lord

confirmed His calling to go and trust Him.  They were commissioned by Dr. John Bisagno of Houston’s First Baptist Church and the family arrived in Ukraine in March 1993.  They lived and ministered in L’viv from 1993 to 2001 and their gifted daughters were a great help, serving alongside them.  They planted a church and watched it grow to over 200 precious people.  What a joy it was to see the Holy Spirit call many lost people to believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and then to see those new believers live as His disciples and be His witnesses to others!    The family took a sabbatical for 2 1/2 years and, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, they all returned to L’viv in 2003.

During their 2 1/2 year stay in the U.S., the Lord began to stir in them a deeper love for the Jewish people.  He took them to Memphis, Tenn. and led them to join B’rit Hadasha, a Messianic Jewish Congregation.  They learned about the Jewish roots of their faith and living a Jewish lifestyle under the teaching of Rabbi Gary Shansky.  When they returned to L’viv in 2003, they were commissioned by Rabbi Gary and B’rit Hadasha Messianic Congregation.

Starting in 2007, the Lord led Bria, Lindsay, & Krista around the world, until in mid-2010, He led each of them back to Ukraine.  Having established a unique calling in each of their lives, He was so gracious to lead them to make L’viv their homebase, living with Mark & Rhonda and serving with them in Blessing Ministry as often as the Lord allows.  You can read more about Bria, Lindsay, and Krista, and their ministries, at

Mark & Rhonda’s present calling in L’viv is two-fold – they planted and are pastoring Living Word Church, and are building Bethel.  For the Blessing family, there is no greater joy in life than knowing God, serving Him, and living out His will for them.


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