Posted by: BlessingMinistry | September 2, 2010

Family History

Mark & Rhonda Blessing first met in Houston, Tex. in 1976.  They covenanted to be husband & wife on June 18, 1977, and have 3 wonderful daughters – Bria, born in 1979; Lindsay, born in 1982; and Krista, born in 1987. Mark & Rhonda were both raised in good, Christian homes, but Mark didn’t become a believer until March 1977, just three months before he was to marry Rhonda.  Rhonda thought she was a believer for many years, but came to the place of making Jesus her Lord and living for Him in June 1984.  It is a source of great joy and gratitude for Mark & Rhonda to know that all 3 of their daughters have fully surrendered their lives to the Lord and are actively following Him.

Mark & Rhonda are so thankful for how the Lord has blessed their family.  Through times of serious sickness, through times of near divorce, through times of want, plenty, sorrow, and joy, the Lord has always shown Himself faithful to hold the family together, with Himself being the strong foundation the family is built upon.  Through every trial and every victory, He has developed in each family member a deep faith that knows, no matter what the circumstances may be, He is guiding this family and fulfilling His purpose for them.

The Blessing family in late 2009



  1. Great to see your blog with such good news and beautiful faces. Love you all!

    • Thank you, Aunt Martha; you’re always so encouraging! You are beautiful – inside & out. We love you!


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